Choosing a mower …

For a small lawn?

If you own a small lot with level terrain, a good-brand name walk-behind-mower is fine. Check out some additional features that can make the job easier, such as variable speed self-propulsion that adjusts to your walking speed. Or consider caster wheels that will pivot for easy maneuvering.

For the medium sized lawn?

If you plan to cut a lawn of one or two acres, consider a lawn tractor with a hydrostatic transmission and a twin-cylinder engine. If you have a lot of trees or other objects to cut around, consider a zero turn radius mower. These mowers also greatly reduce mowing times.

For the large lawn?

For lawns two to five acres, consider a garden tractor. These are built with heavy-gauge steel deck, stronger axles, and may offer shaft-drive. If you find yourself wearing out your mower every 3 to 4 years on a lawn this size, you may be under equipped for the job.

Commercial or Professional Grade Equipment?

Commercial-grade “z-turn” mowers. These mowers are fast, with decks from 42″ to 72″ in width and can cut grass at nearly 4 acres per hour. You may still be mowing for 15 years or more with these mowers.

When is the best time to service my equipment?

The fall and winter are a great time to have work done on your lawn and garden equipment. The repair backlog is considerably shorter and your level of urgency is less because your grass isn’t growing.